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Ninety years after a competition for the Ryder Cup in golf was played for the very first time, The UK and US will commence a new event also staged on a golf course – FootGolf’s first Jansen Cup.


The biennial event honours Michael Jansen, one of the creators of FootGolf as we play today. Just as Samuel Ryder’s name lives on in golf folk lore, so too will Jansen’s as FootGolf grows into an international, mainstream sport.


The Jansen Cup will pit the top U.S. Ranked players of 2016 against top ranked players of the United Kingdom. With both national organisations setting stringent qualification criteria, for players looking to realise the honour of being selected for their FIFG member countries, in this inaugural event.


The three-day event will take place May 22-24, 2017 at the Desert Willow Golf Resort in Palm Desert, CA – the home course of the American FootGolf League. Each team will consist of 24 players (16 men, 4 seniors and 4 women), who will compete in matches similar to those of the Ryder Cup in golf – fourball, foursomes (alternative shot), and singles.






“At Footgolf's inception in the Netherlands in 2009, I wouldn't have dreamed that in 2017 I would be attending it's future in North America. I'm honored for the opportunity to witness a milestone in the sport that would be nowhere without the pioneers from the UK and USA.Two countries. One team. Footgolf will be the winner.”


- Michael Jansen, FIFG Ambassador



“Since our foundation back in 2012, the UKFGA & AFGL have been very close allies, and moreover friends. Working together, sharing ideas, and principles with the sole aim of growing the sport we love – FootGolf. The idea of creating FootGolf’s version of Golf’s Ryder Cup was a dream that we hoped would one day come to fruition, and it is testament to both the UKFGA, the AFGL and more importantly FootGolfer’s from the two nations that this dream has now been realised. The Jansen Cup has now been born!”


- Michael O'Connor, UKFGA & FIFG President



“Since July 2012 the UKFGA and the AFGL have been working together on both sides of the pond to promote the sport of FootGolf with passion, dedication and solid consistency. Both organizations know the best way to succeed and our growth is finding a common objective. The Jansen Cup is a celebration of our alliance, mutual respect and admiration for Michael Jansen who still supporting and collaborating with the expansion of FootGolf as an Ambassador of the Federation for International FootGolf.”


- Roberto Balestrini, AFGL Founder

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After months working on the project, the American FootGolf League (AFGL) and UK FootGolf Association (UKFGA) are delighted to announce an exciting UPDATE on the Jansen Cup 2017.

The inaugural Jansen Cup will now be played at the amazing Desert Willow Golf Resort on May 23-24 with a practice day on May 22nd. This will then be followed by a road trip to Las Vegas on May 25 to enable the UK and US Players and supporters to compete in the Las Vegas Open on May 27-28 with a practice day on May 26th.


Both organisations decided to move the date further into 2017 to not only give the players the opportunity to compete in a key AFGL Tour event with an important cash purse but also to enable any players wishing to support the UK Footgolf Association Team and the FootGolf USATeam the chance to play the Desert Willow Jansen Course course on practice day, watch the Jansen Cup competition, and then travel as part of the touring team crossing the Mojave Desert to play in the Las Vegas FootGolf Open 2017, or alternatively just come along for the experience and watch some FootGolf in Las Vegas and California.


The Jansen Cup Tour 2017 Schedule

May 22-24 Jansen Cup at Desert Willow Golf Resort

May 26-28 Las Vegas Open at Chimera Golf Club

May 29th - Open Team Competition at Siena Golf Club


Full details of how to come along as part of the UK Footgolf Association and FootGolf USA to either play, watch or support will be released soon.

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